bath care

bubble dust

Choose a little or A LOT! Sprinkle in your bath and experience bubbly softness! We include coconut oil and epsom salt to help sooth muscles and skin. Pamper yourself with a velvety bubble experience!



Scents: bubble gum and cotton candy - a kid favorite!

(other scents available upon request)

lavender mint foot soak

Treat your tired feet with our lavender mint foot soak - super minty and made with extra epsom salt and calming lavender - it even has some bubbly fizz! Your feet will thank you! 8oz


bath bomb

Relax and enjoy a fun, bubbly, soak! Our bombs are extra fragrant and create a colorful, fizzy bath!

jumbo 8oz-$5 large 4.5oz-$4 medium 2.5oz-$3 small 2 oz-$2

Set including each size-$12 (save $2)

the good stuff: baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(derived from coconut and palm oils),coconut oil, fragrance, witch hazel, mica.